Contribute and Earn

In short:

  1. Write an article – any topic related to power and energy welcome.
  2. Make money – sell the associated Code/Simulation Model/etc. through The Smart Insights.
  3. No hidden fees – we only take a small commission on the sold products.

In long:

Have you programmed/simulated/analyzed something in the area of power systems? If yes, this is your chance to publish it and make it available to the global power and energy community.

On top of that, you can make money by selling the associated Code/Simulation Model/Executable/etc. of your analysis through The Smart Insights. All programming languages/software are welcome.

There are no limits regarding the topic. Some examples might be: optimization · electricity markets · stability · control · machine learning · artificial intelligence · data analytics · e-mobility · operation · protection · GHG-reduction · net-zero-transition

And the most important: It’s completely free of charge! We only take a small commission on the sold products. No hidden fees and no risk for you.

If you are interested please get in touch.


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